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Public Attributes

identify_controller Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

unsigned char access_module_status
unsigned char bBatteryPicRev
unsigned char bCacheBatteryCount
unsigned char bDdffVersion [4]
unsigned char bEnclosureCount
unsigned char bExpanderCount
unsigned char bExternalPortStatus [8]
uint16_t big_drive_present_map [8]
uint16_t big_ext_drive_map [8]
uint16_t big_non_disk_map [8]
unsigned char bInternalPortStatus [8]
unsigned char bLastLockup
unsigned char bMoreControllerFlags
uint32_t board_id
unsigned char bPciToPciBridgeStatus
unsigned char bPercentWriteCache
unsigned char bProductID [16]
unsigned char bRecRomFlags
unsigned char bRecRomInactiveRev [4]
unsigned char bSlot
unsigned char bVendorID [8]
unsigned char bXboardHostI2cAutorev
unsigned char controller_flags
unsigned char cpld_revision
uint32_t ctlr_clock
unsigned char curr_redund_ctlr_mode
unsigned char daughterboard_type
uint32_t drive_present_bit_map
unsigned char drives_per_scsi_bus
unsigned char expand_disable_code
uint32_t external_drive_bit_map
unsigned char features_supported [12]
unsigned char fibre_chip_count
unsigned char hardware_rev
unsigned char host_flags
unsigned char host_i2c_autorev
unsigned char ICL_bus_map
unsigned char marketing_revision
uint32_t non_disk_map
unsigned char num_logical_drives
unsigned char redund_ctlr_modes_support
unsigned char redund_ctlr_status
unsigned char redund_op_failure_code
unsigned char reserved [4]
unsigned char reserved2
unsigned char reserved3 [5]
uint32_t reserved5
unsigned char reserved6 [2]
unsigned char reserved7 [288]
unsigned char rom_firm_rev [4]
uint32_t running_firm_rev
unsigned char scsi_chip_count
uint32_t signature
unsigned short task_flags
unsigned int uiMaxSafeFullStripeSize
unsigned int uiTotalLength
unsigned int uiYetMoreControllerFlags
unsigned int ulReserved
unsigned char unsupported_nile_bus
unsigned short usBuildNum
unsigned short usDaughterboardCacheSize
unsigned short usExtLogicalUnitCount
unsigned short usMaxLogicalUnits
unsigned short usMaxPhyDrvPerLogicalUnit
unsigned short usMaxPhysicalDevices
unsigned short usOffsetToEDPbitmap
unsigned short usOffsetToEEDPbitmap
unsigned short usOffsetToENDbitmap
unsigned short usTotalMemorySize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 236 of file cciss_vol_status.c.

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